Are you bored of Personal development

Do you find Personal Development Boring?3 Tips to bring JOY back to your Journey Are you bored of Personal development? Are yoga, meditation and gratitude journaling not quite doing it for you anymore? In this VLOG I share 3 tips on how to bring Joy back to your Personal Development Journey. Privacy 

Are you trying to “perfect” your Daily Practice?

How I tried to “Perfect” my Daily Practice In this VLOG I share authentically how Personal Development became another addiction and how I tried to control and perfect my practices. I hope it resonates with you and you take something from my willingness to be deeply open and honest. Privacy 

5 Tips to Doing What Lights You Up

VLOG 5 Tips to Doing What Light’s You Up! In this short VLOG I share 5 tips to Doing What Lights You Up and saying YES to more joy! For access to more VLOGS like this and interviews with other women who like me value depth & living their true authentic selves head over to my […]

Fear of being seen

AUTHENTIC SHARES PODCAST Fear of being SEEN In this session I speak to Spiritual Psychologist Dr Rathika Marsh authentically and openly about dimming my light and the shame I feel when my exhibitionist comes out! Rathika explains why it is so hard to be seen – especially women and how to manage the fear as we step […]

How not to approach spirituality

How NOT to approach Spirituality In this VLOG I share my own experience with Spirituality, how unhealthy my approach to it was and how it affected my mind and body. I also include some tips on how to stay grounded and balanced. Privacy 

Why I judge other women

Why I judge women…. In this short VLOG I share really honestly my life-long battle with judging other women, how it has showed up in my life and how I manage it now. As always, I keep it light & playful! Privacy