Free Trial - Mon 27th Sept

Hey There!

I’m DJ Flourish and I want to Raise your Vibe.

Are you a woman who LOVES to dance (or used to back in the day?)

Do you want to move from “can’t be arsed” in to “back in your zone” – and QUICKLY

Do you find meditation a struggle and are looking for a new way to connect to the present moment…and the JOY buried within you?

Are you sick of feeling lethargic and sluggish and wish you had more ENERGY?

Does your head lead and you want to connect more to your body?

Are you weighed down with domesticity and totally ready for some FUN?

Do you want to be seriously fired in to ACTION, to come back in to FLOW and shift your vibe in to ALIGNMENT?

If it’s a YES to any of the above then High Vibe Raving is for you! 


High Vibe Rave - Monday 27th Sept

What is High Vibe Raving and how will it benefit me?



High Vibe Raving is a unique combination of Mindfulness, Movement & PHAT Tunes. It is a fresh approach to self-mastery and is designed can help support you to:

  • Release any old stagnant energy or emotions
  • Tap in to the part of you that loves to dance and express freely 
  • Raise your vibrational frequency and energy levels 
  • Tap in to your creative flow 
  • Inject some fun & play in to your life! 

The Rave will take place over Zoom however everyone will have their cameras off (which basically means that you can’t see anyone else, just me!). Unlike my Freedom Raves, there will be no welcome share or group share at the end. It is simply a space for you to rock up, rave and go!

Watch this video to feel the vibe......

When is it and how long will it be for?

The Rave will take place on Monday 27th September at 9.30am BST. This is a LIVE event and, on this occasion, will not be recorded. 

It will last approx. 30 minutes (give or take a few minutes).

It will take place via Zoom WEBINAR (which means all you can see is me).

The event is FREE. All I ask is that after the event you complete a short questionnaire for feedback.

Not sure it's for you still?

You probably didn’t expect to be considering dancing in front of your laptop on your own at home, but these women didn’t expect it either and look at the results they’ve seen……..

"I cannot recommend those more. I started raving with Caroline to be more active. I quickly found that it has so many other benefits for me. It makes me really uplifted, sometimes euphoric, really free and just ‘me.’ It puts me in an open space in my head where new ideas come, so I get creative flow that really helps me with my work."
Children's Art business Owner
"Initially I was really skeptical however it’s been more than I expected. I can submerge myself without feeling self-conscious . The raves kind of transport you on a journey. Sometimes it feels like I’m on a beach, sometimes I feel really empowered. The prompts Caroline gives are really helpful and the raves always lift my mood."
Wellbeing Business Owner
"Initially I did it to get a bit of space from the kids and to have some fun but I found it’s so much more. Caroline coaches us through the raves that she has carefully put together. She really helps you to think about how to move your body and its gone from something that I thought would be a laugh to something that is therapeutic and freeing"
Business Owner

on Monday 27th September - 9.30am (BST)

Still not ready to try? No worries.....why not join my closed FB group to find out more about me, what I do and to connect more with the music!