Has raising your vibe become just another chore?

Has your Personal Development journey become too serious?

Have you forgotten to have some FUN along the way?

Having FUN is one of the highest vibrational frequencies, and the higher your vibration, the lighter & more at ease you feel. So, stop denying yourself it!

It’s time to infuse your day with some JOY, FUN (and phat tunes!)….to Raise your Vibe and move you into a state of FLOW. The world needs YOUR energy!



Free High Vibe Rave

Ive put together this 15-minute INSTANT Mood Booster just for you! The perfect alternative to your boring yoga routine! Full to the brim with spine-tingling tunes, it’s GUARANTEED to raise your vibe and change your emotional state – and fast

Make the choice to shine your light brightly – the world NEEDS you!

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Here’s a 1 minute sample so you can see how explosive it really is…. 

What is your VIBE anyway?

You can’t touch or see your Vibe, but you can FEEL it. And it affects EVERYTHING in your life.

You know those days when you’re in a good moodshit gets done, you’re triggered less and synchronicities are like buses – you don’t get 1, you get 3 in a row. THAT’s High Vibe (also known as a flow-like state).

Everyone notices – you shout less at your loved ones, you move effortlessly from one task to another, your clients thrive off your energy and you light up the room!

There are plenty of traditional ways to raise your vibe (meditation, journaling, affirmations, visualisations) but NOTHING is quite like High Vibe Raving

What is High Vibe Raving?

High Vibe Raving is specifically designed for dance music loving women who want to raise their vibe – and FAST 

If you’re done with boring personal development, lost your mojo for your morning practice, find sitting in meditation a chore and “can’t bear” to write ANOTHER gratitude list, then High Vibe Raving is for you!

High Vibe Raving is a Fun alternative that combines traditional & new methods into one short turbo-charged session.

I don’t need to tell you that music changes your mood instantly – especially tunes with a phat beat. You already know that movement releases stagnant energy and improves your flow-state (although exercise can be boring). And everyone knows that meditation accesses deeper states of consciousness – yet some find it really challenging.

But what if you were to combine all of these into a one-step explosive session… and sprinkle it with a massive dollop of FUN?


About your host..........

Hi, I’m Caroline Kelf A.K.A. DJ Flourish. 

Clubbing was a huge part of my teens and twenties. I lived and breathed Dance Music and I was always playing amazing tunes at pre-parties & after-parties. I was the fun, naughty, “just one more” girl, that would get you into all sorts of trouble (that you secretly loved)!

But I forgot all about that side of me when I became a mum. Listening to banging tunes on the way to work became nursery rhymes on loop. Morning gym sessions with motivating beats became morning feeds. And the fog of post-natal depression engulfed the fun & rebellious side of me.

Fast forward 8 years, and after embarking on a rather serious personal development journey that took me further away from who I really was, I rediscovered my joy, playfulness, and who I’d been searching for when I started DJing. 

I started trialling virtual raves in lockdown 2020 and since then there has been no looking back. I am literally doing what I love whilst supporting other women to feel great, build confidence and shine their lights out into the world, just like I am.

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Here’s a 1 minute sample so you can see how explosive it really is…. 

Will I feel silly dancing by myself?

I get asked this question a lot. And yes, it may feel a little weird at first, BUT the music is SO uplifting that the energy from that will outweigh any resistance you have, plus we start with a short grounding practice to centre you into the present moment.

These women were also sceptical and look what happened to them:

"I feel amazing. That was the most joyful 30 minutes and I am SO ready for my day!"
Laura B
"It makes me feel uplifted, sometimes euphoric, free and "just me.""
`Sara C
“Bang on with the tune selections. You hold an amazing safe and liberating space. Shifted my energy absolutely to high vibe."
Siobhan A
“It made me feel warm, joyful, and uplifted my spirit. It has accelerated my frequency.”
Sarah C