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5-Days of HIGH VIBE Raving!

Hey There!

I’m DJ Flourish and I support women to channel their True Selves through the power of Rave, Community & Self-Love!  

My Freedom Raves help women move from low energy, disconnection, low self-worth and dimming their light in to states of Motivation, High Energy, Creative Flow, Expansion, Empowerment and Freedom

Freedom Raving is a fresh approach to Self-MasteryIt is like nothing you have ever experienced yet transformational and has been formed from me simply doing what I love combined with a desire to serve humanity. It is organic, genuine, heart-felt and pure

DJ Flourish x

5-Days of HIGH VIBE Raves

Mon 11th - Fri 15th Jan
10am to 10.30am



Are you a woman who wants to connect to her True Self?

Do you want more energy, creativity & flow in your life?

Do you want to find a tribe of like-minded women who value personal growth but find the Alternative stuff a bit “woo woo”?

Do you want to accept and love yourself more?

Do you want to connect to the fun, vibrant and empowered you?

If it’s a YES to any of the above then I’m offering you the chance to trial this experience and see how it supports you. Authenticity is something I value and  it’s important to me that the people I serve are genuinely benefitting from what I offer.

I started DJing in Sept 19 as part of my quest to find my Soul’s Purpose – I knew I was here to serve in some capacity and that it involved motivating and inspiring people. As soon as I hit the play button it was obvious that DJing was a huge part of it – add this to my fun & vibrant energy and my ability to be extremely honest and open and Freedom Raving was born. It comes from my heart and soul and deep desire to have a positive impact in the world.

The raves will take place every day over 5 days so you can fully experience the benefits. As the week progresses you will find yourself letting go more, moving more, expressing more and connecting more (don’t worry if you can’t make them all either – you will still hugely benefit!).

They take place every day from Mon 11th to Fri 15th Jan at 10am to 10.30am via ZOOM and include all of the following:


  •  Welcome from DJ Flourish
  • Grounding & Centering practise
  • 15 minute rave (with tunes specifically designed to uplift and energise you!)
  • Group Share (it is not compulsory for you to speak, sometimes hearing what others have to say is just as valuable as you recognise yourself in others) 

Raving with Strangers? Sounds a bit scary?


Don’t be scared! There is absolutely no obligation to be visible, or even to dance, you can do it your way. I have a knack for making people feel at ease plus I am really good fun and we all need some of that right now!

To receive the Zoom links for the Raves and say YES to this and get involved click below:

Still not decided? Watch this to feel the vibe...

Not what you were expecting for 2021?

You probably didn’t expect to be considering dancing in front of your laptop with a load of strangers, but these women didn’t expect it either and look at the results they’ve seen……..

"I cannot recommend the Freedom Raves more. I started with Caroline to be more active. I quickly found that it has so many other benefits for me. It makes me feel really uplifted, sometimes euphoric, really free and just "me". It puts me in an open space in my head were new ideas come, so I get creative flow and that helps me with my work. Chats with Caroline and the group are ultra real and thought provoking. Big thing for me though is that it releases crap energy and returns good, and I love the music!"
Children's Art business Owner
"Raving with Caroline opens a whole raft of emotions - from sad to happy, elated to empowered. The raves have a habit in knowing what I need at any particular time in order for me to release emotions or energise my mood. They give me time away from family and work and help me delve deeper into my inner realms, reawakening dormant elements of my life that have beed repressed for years. What's more, they can be great fun with a cracking bunch of likeminded women that want to reconnect to themselves and others like them"
"I absolutely love Freedom Raving with Caroline! She is amazing at what she does. The sessions really get me going in the morning and set me up for the day. I love the choice of tunes and also the messages that come with the sessions too. I have a real sense of being part of a community too. This is because Caroline makes time for each individual and the group as a whole".

STILL Undecided? A bit more about the raves & me...

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