Permission to be YOU

Are you a woman who wants to live Authentically?

Do you like the idea of freedom-movement yet get put off by the more “Spiritual” style classes out there?

Do you LOVE Dance Music, 90’s Old Skool and tunes with a PHAT beat?

Do you want more Energy, Movement & Flow in your life?

Do you want to connect to the Fun, Vibrant and Empowered you?

Do you like the idea of connecting with tune-loving women who value depth and personal growth?

If it’s a YES to any of the above then Freedom Raving is for you! 


What is Freedom Raving?

Your body is FULL of Wisdom and Truth.…when you take the time to listen.

Your Creative, Expressive, Fun & Authentic Self is buried under layers & layers of conditioning and restrictions.

Freedom Raving is a powerful mix of mindfulness, self love, music & movement that allows you to release old stagnant energy, move past your limitations and connect to your True Self.  It provides an opportunity to get curious with your body & emotions and to express yourself in an uninhibited way to music that talks to your Soul

Freedom Raving is a free-movement class for tune-loving women who are seeking more depth and meaning to their life.


Each rave includes ALL of the following:  


  • Welcome and open share from me, DJ Flourish.
  • Grounding, safety & self-kindness practise (When we come in to a place of safety. self-acceptance and self-love we come back home. We don’t ignore the self-judgement, criticism or resistance but we can soften and relax our body & minds and come in to a place of curiosity and openness).
  • Freedom Rave Session specifically designed to help you to RELEASE, CONNECT, ENERGISE, ACCESS JOY and EXPAND.
  • Closing practise. We reflect, pause and embed all the goodness from the rave whilst continuing to stay open and loving towards ourselves.
  • Group share (it is not compulsory for you to speak, sometimes hearing what others have to say is so valuable as you recognise yourself in others, you realise you are not alone in your fears and your heart opens to other women AND yourself).

Upcoming Freedom Raves

There are currently no Virtual Freedom Raves available to book.

I am however available for collaborations & private bookings. Use the contact page to get in touch.

Raving with Strangers?
Sounds a bit Scary?

Don’t be scared! There is absolutely no obligation  to be visible, or even dance, you can do it your way! I have a knack for making people feel at ease plus I am really good fun! 

These women did not expect to be dancing in front of their laptops and look what happened to them:

"Since raving with Caroline I’ve entered another level of deep personal growth and letting go of old patterns! It’s rewired a part of me that was stuck and programmed in to a place of presence, deeper awareness and peace. I’ve forged some really deep connections with the other women in the group and Caroline is extremely open and honest which has created a special energy within the group."
"I cannot recommend the Freedom Raves more. I started with Caroline to be more active. I quickly found that it has so many other benefits for me. It makes me feel really uplifted, sometimes euphoric, really free and just "me". It puts me in an open space in my head were new ideas come, so I get creative flow and that helps me with my work. Chats with Caroline and the group are ultra real and thought provoking. Big thing for me though is that it releases crap energy and returns good, and I love the music!"
"I absolutely love Freedom Raving with Caroline! She is amazing at what she does. The sessions really get me going in the morning and set me up for the day. I love the choice of tunes and also the messages that come with the sessions too. I have a real sense of being part of a community too. This is because Caroline makes time for each individual and the group as a whole".
"Raving with Caroline opens a whole raft of emotions - from sad to happy, elated to empowered. The raves have a habit in knowing what I need at any particular time in order for me to release emotions or energise my mood. They give me time away from family and work and help me delve deeper into my inner realms, reawakening dormant elements of my life that have been repressed for years. What's more, they can be great fun with a cracking bunch of likeminded women that want to reconnect to themselves and others like them"

Still Undecided? Here's little bit more about me and the raves...

Still not 100% sure?

I get it!

I have to deeply connect with a person before I commit to any form of personal development / self growth work.

I offer 10 minute HOUSE Calls for:

  • Women who are interested in my raves and want to know more about them (and me)  
  • Other entrepreneurs who like the idea of collaborating with me from a heart-led space 
  • Anyone who doesn’t know why they want to connect but loves my energy (and feels a pull to connect)

BOOK your 10 minute session today and let’s see where it takes us!


And are some questions I am often asked by potential Ravers....

How much are the raves?

The raves are £25 (approx. $35) per 60m minute session. If you try a Rave and love it there are options to become a member and obtain discounts and access to pre-recorded Mini Raves and a community of like-minded women. The membership is only available by invitation only as the energy within the group is very special – we can chat about it if its something you are interested in.

What dates and times are they?

All the rave dates and times are included above.

How many people attend each of the raves?

There are usually between 6 and 12 women at the Freedom Raves. The maximum I allow is 12, this is so we keep the space safe and connected. 

I’m tempted but I’m not sure if its for me

I get it! There can be a whole host of reasons why you may resist a rave – not knowing how to move, comparing yourself to others in the group, being distracted easily, boredom, it feels a bit too weird, you’ve never danced without alcohol or drugs! The thing is you’ll never know unless you try – and there are so many other women who felt exactly the same as you and they have felt so many benefits! If you’re really not sure let’s have a free no-obligation HOUSE Call to connect, chat and explore!

What if I don’t want to connect to the other women and am just interested in raving?

Check out my High Vibe Raves – they might be more what you’re looking for right now.

What if something comes up for me in during or after the raves physically, emotionally or mentally?

Taking part in the raves is an investment in to your mental, emotional and physical health. Whilst they are on the most part an uplifting experience, as you delve deeper towards your True Self you may experience past trauma resurfacing or strong resistance arising. This is normal of any kind of Spiritual journey, it can be uncomfortable and hard to manage alone. I understand, I have been there myself and am still there a lot of the time!

Having said that, I am NOT a trauma specialist and that is not what freedom raving is about, I ask you to fully agree that you are responsible for your well-being during the raves and subsequently your choices and decisions. Should anything arise that you need support with I have a team of Psychotherapists & Healers I can call upon to help however there is a charge involved. See my full terms and conditions for details.