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The Membership

Are you seeking to be the Highest version of yourself in this lifetime?

Do you want more Joy, Expansion, Expression, Fun, Creativity, FLOW, Freedom and SELF-LOVE in your life?

Do you want access to a tribe of women who, like you, value depth, authenticity, personal growth and connection?

If it’s a YES then let me introduce the Rave 2 Freedom Membership

The Rave 2 Freedom Membership is a supportive, welcoming & authentic space to explore self expression – all through the power of RAVE!

It is a unique, fresh and feel-good approach to Self-Mastery combining a powerful mix of meditation, PHAT Tunes, self-love & community to support your day, your life & your personal development journey.

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As a Member you will experience all of the following:

  • 2 x LIVE Freedom Raves to Energise, Motivate, Connect, Release, Express & have FUN to! (Raves take place every other Friday at 7.30am or 9.30am).
  • 2 x fully recorded versions of Live Freedom Raves to listen to any time (these are the recordings of the LIVE Raves).
  • 2 x pre-recorded Mini Raves to listen to at any time to re-connect you to your Inner Raver, get you back in to FLOW, open your heart and remember your TRUTH!
  • Access to a community of heart-centred women who all want to be the highest version of themselves in this lifetime (whilst being realistic and grounded)

Just £29 per Month

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Here's THE VIBE....

Not sure if this kind of experience will support you and your growth?
Neither did these ladies and this is what has happened for them….

Need to know more?

Here are some questions I am often asked by potential Members..

I don’t know what my financial circumstance will be next month.

I get it, we are in a very unsettling period. That’s why you can cancel at any point with one simple email. See terms & conditions for full details

What are the Mini Raves and how will I receive them?

The Mini Raves are a maximum of 15 minutes and are designed to boost your mood, empower, energise and bring you closer to your True Self. They are uploaded to Mixcloud then shared in the closed Facebook Group. You will receive a minimum of two per month and can listen through any device or computer. You can fully immerse yourself of listen on the go.

What if I don’t have a Facebook Account?

At present this is how I upload everything however I have just invested in a membership site which should be ready by the end of May 2021 where everything will be available. 

What dates and times are the LIVE Raves?

Currently the Live Raves take place every other Thursday at 8pm (UK time) Friday at 7.30am and 9.30am (UK time). You can choose which time works for you. As the membership grows there will be more dates and times to choose from, I may even have some LIVE Webinars….its evolving and growing!

How many people attend each of the raves?

Over the past 9 months there have been between 2 and 20 ravers per session, however I am now capping the number at 12 to ensure a dafe, nurturing and connected space! This may change as it grows however it is constantly evolving and improving and I am very passionate about it fully supporting people so as a member you can have a part of shaping its future.

How does the access to the community of like-minded women work?

As well as connecting through the raves and at the group shares at the end of the raves you will be part of a closed Facebook Group where you can connect and support one another. As you get to know members they become more of a family and I will be part of that community – sharing honestly and vulnerably. Its such a powerful thing to be a part of. 

What if I don’t want to connect to the other women and am just interested in raving?

That’s fine too! The community and group share is there as a bonus. Some women find it incredibly supportive and others like to simply rock up, have a dance and go. There is no obligation to stay for the chats or to participate within the community group

What if something comes up for me in between the raves physically, emotionally or mentally?

Taking part in the raves is an investment in to your mental, emotional and physical health. Whilst they are on the most part an uplifting experience, as you delve deeper towards your True Self you may experience past trauma resurfacing or strong resistance arising. This is normal of any kind of Spiritual journey, it can be uncomfortable and hard to manage alone. I understand, I have been there myself and am still there a lot of the time!

Having said that, I am NOT a trauma specialist and that is not what the membership is about, I ask you to fully agree that you are responsible for your well-being during the raves and subsequently your choices and decisions. Should anything arise that you need support with I have a team of Psychotherapists & Healers I can call upon to help however there is a charge involved. See my full terms and conditions for details.