Bringing Fun & Joy to your Personal Development Journey

Are you a woman who LOVES to dance (or used to back in the day)?

Has your Personal Development journey become too serious?

Have you edited yourself to be more Spiritual?

Are looking for a FUN way to connect to the present moment…and the JOY buried within you?

Do you want to feel more electric and raise your vibe – QUICKLY?

Are you ready to be fired in to ACTION, Motivation & Productivity?

Do you like the idea of living in FLOW and ALIGNMENT?

Does sharing space with other women all saying YES to more FUN, PLAY & FREEDOM excite you?

If it’s a YES to any of the above, then the High Vibe Raving Subscription is for you!

What is your Vibe Anyway?

You can’t touch or see your Vibe, but you can FEEL it. And it affects EVERYTHING in your life.

You know those days when you’re in a good moodshit gets done, you’re triggered less and synchronicities are like buses – you don’t get 1, you get 3 in a row. THAT’s High Vibe (also known as a flow-like state).

Everyone notices – you shout less at your loved ones, you move effortlessly from one task to another, your clients thrive off your energy and you light up the room!

There are plenty of traditional ways to raise your vibe (meditation, journaling, affirmations, visualisations) but NOTHING is quite like High Vibe Raving

What is High Vibe Raving?

High Vibe Raving is specifically designed for music loving women who want to raise their vibe – and FAST 

High Vibe Raving is a Fun alternative that combines traditional & new methods into one short turbo-charged session.

I don’t need to tell you that music changes your mood instantly – especially tunes with a phat beat. You already know that movement releases stagnant energy and improves your flow-state (although exercise can be boring). And everyone knows that meditation accesses deeper states of consciousness – yet some find it really challenging.

But what if you were to combine all of these into a one-step explosive session… and sprinkle it with a massive dollop of FUN?


Tell me more about the subscription

If you’re ready to bring Fun & Joy into your Personal Development journey in an affordable way then read on. If you want to keep your Vibe HIGH throughout the month without the effort then this is for you. And if you love 90’s & HOUSE music then it’s an absolute no-brainer. Here’s what’s included:

Every month you will have access to:

  • 1 x LIVE Online High Vibe Rave to come together with the other ravers and seriously raise your vibe (and the roof) at a time that works for you*


  • A gallery of Recorded High Vibe Raves to add FUN, PLAY & JOY to your mundane morning routine**


  • A selection of 10-minute Mini Raves – perfect for shaking off stress and transitioning in to tasks that require you to shine brightly**

All for just £15 per month (and you can cancel at any time)

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Feeling sceptical? So did these ladies but look what regular raving has done for them:

Want a reminder of the High Vibe energy on offer? 

Check this out….

Still undecided? Here are some questions I am often asked:

*What times are the live raves?


*Raves are for 30 minutes and take place on the last Monday of every month at 7am & 9.30am & 8pm (UK Time). On occasions this may change due to school holidays however dates are released with plenty of notice.

 **How do I access the Recorded Raves & Mini Raves?

These are uploaded to a Facebook Group. For the time being I will be keeping it simple. In future this may change.

How many people attend each of the raves?

My raves have attracted from 2 up to 200 people.  It’s different every time……but the numbers do keep rising. I am spotlighted at the raves so you don’t see the other women unless you change your view to gallery.

What if I can’t make a LIVE Rave?

I run the rave over multiple times and provide dates well in advance so there should be no problem there. If you can’t make a rave for one month the recording of the rave is uploaded within a few days so you never miss out!

How do the LIVE raves work?

You will be emailed every month with all the available rave times. All the raves take place over Zoom and last for half an hour. Each rave includes a short welcome from me, a simple grounding practice and a 20-minute rave.

What type of music do you play?

I play a mixture of Disco, Funk, House, Old Skool, Garage, Trance & Drum & Bass. The mixes are designed to take you on a journey where your vibe is lifted up and up. At the end of the raves, we cement all the goodness into our body and set an intention for our day, week & month – empowering stuff!

Do I have to keep my video on?

No – you can do what the hell you like! Some women like to share the experience, some prefer to use it to go inward. You do have to stay on mute though – otherwise it distorts the sound.

How can I get the best sound?

During the lives the sound comes straight from my decks, and its pretty crisp and clear, however you can do a few things to enhance the experience. Cordless headphones that are connected to your device work really well, as well as a speaker, also connected to your device. But if you don’t have those, using your laptop sound is OK too.

I’m tempted but I’m not sure if it’s for me

I get it! There can be a whole host of reasons why you may resist a rave – not knowing how to move, comparing yourself to others in the group, being distracted easily, boredom, it feels a bit too weird, you’ve never danced without alcohol or drugs! The thing is you’ll never know unless you try – and there are so many other women who felt exactly the same as you and they have felt so many benefits! Plus, you can keep your video off and my video is spotlighted so all you see is me anyway!

Why is it for women only?

I have trialled this concept for the past 18 months and it has always been women who have come forward. I have opened it up to both genders, yet for these particular raves it seems that women are more interested. I have also asked for feedback from previous attendees and the majority have said they would prefer it as a women only event. 

What if something comes up for me, during or after the raves, physically, emotionally or mentally?

Taking part in the raves is an investment into your mental, emotional and physical health. Whilst they are on the most part an uplifting experience, as you release and unleash your Inner Raver you may experience physical or emotional reactions.

I am NOT a trauma specialist and that is not what high vibe raving is about – it is there to raise your vibe not to lower it, however, I ask you to fully agree that you are responsible for your well-being during the raves and subsequently your choices and decisions. Should anything arise that you need support with, I have a referral list of  Psychotherapists & Healers I can put you in touch with, additional charges apply. See my full terms and conditions for details.

How do I cancel my subscription?***

You can cancel at any time by emailing (please try to give at least 5 working days notice before your payment is due to come out so that I have time to change the system). Full details can be found in my terms and conditions.

And finally….want to know more, here’s a bit more about me and what I do….